Belux Residence

A location that is both urban and green. Dynamic and calm. On the slope of Tološka grove and not far from the city center. Practical and aesthetically rich, in one word - a unique design. Building for a new life, building for a good life. 

Floors: P + 4
Total BGP: 985.5
Total number of apartments: 11

The functional solution of the building is based on a symmetrical arrangement of two entrances (Entrance A and Entrance B), with a reinforced concrete core, elevators that meet the standards for OSI, as well as two-step stairs.
The finishing of the staircase and the ground floor was done in the terrace, while the walls of the staircase and the pillars on the ground floor were covered with washed gray KULIR
Within the building there are 11 apartments, distributed on 4 floors, by structure: 8 one-bedroom, 1 two-and-a-half bedroom that can be transformed into a three-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom duplexes.
On each staircase, 2 apartments are planned per floor, except in lamella B, where there is only the entrance to the duplex on the third floor.
All apartments have loggias or terraces on the west side, except for apartments located inside lamella B, which compensate for the lack of loggias with large, sliding, window areas.

Project brochure can be downloaded here.