SAMBIC AD helps you build a better future. SAVANA has crowned decades of experience in the field of construction with numerous functional and aesthetically special buildings. Planning, from the idea, through the conceptual solution to the realization itself. Construction for a new life, construction for a better life - SAMBIC AD.


The first development project of SAMBIC AD in Montenegro is the adaptation of the Zeta hotel. In addition to restoring the old splendor to the recognizable building, it will also be beautified and developed according to the modern trends in construction and catering. Before you are convinced of the uniqueness of the quality of service in the Zeta Hotel itself, visit the Mall of Montenegro, which is rich in numerous facilities, and the Ramada Hotel, which was declared the best company in 2019 by the Tourist Organization of Podgorica. For lovers of gastronomy and refined ambience, the restaurant "Panorama" on the fifth floor of the hotel satisfies all the senses. An extraordinary overture for the service that awaits you soon at the sister hotel Zeta.

Property management

Europoint, the first ecologically designed building in Podgorica, is owned by Savana. The energy balances of the building rely on the thermal energy of groundwater. The natural groundwater temperature (12 ° C) is converted by the heat pumps into functional heat energy. The net area of ​​the building is 8479 square meters, it has two underground floors with garages and seven above-ground floors with offices. On the ground floor there is a popular restaurant 21 MNE Urban bisto. Tenants have at their disposal 80 parking spaces in underground garages. Some of the tenants: Urban Bistro, Alkaloid, Trebjesa offices, Siemens, Philip Morris, Novartis, Krka, Ekomedika, Austrian Embassy.

An example of the best real estate management other than Europoint is the Mall of Montenegro. The entire complex has a total area of ​​58,000 m2, while the gross rental area of ​​the shopping center is 17,000 m2. Prominent stores in the mall include Levi Strauss & Co., Sergio Tacchini, Office Shoes, Intersport and others. It also features a bowling alley, cafes, a fast food court, a children’s playground and an amusement park. An underground garage serves the entire complex.

Project management

The young and professional team of SAMBIC AD manages projects from the initial phase, through planning, implementation, monitoring and control until the very end.