Hotel Zeta Danilovgrad

The spirit of renewal since 2006 touches all aspects of society, every corner of small but boundless Montenegro. Ancient fortresses, the House of the Revolution, the roads that connect the earth like veins, and now even one small yet large point of the city in the heart of the Bjelopavlicka plain will shine with old yet new splendor. Hotel Zeta in Danilovgrad will be an expression of the time in which it was created, and which was maintained and remained on the basis of the spirit of tradition. "Zeta" will certainly be the epicenter of tourist, catering, cultural and social activities of the city.
The building was designed by the architect Ilija Šćepanović, and was opened in 1975. The hotel was then designed according to standards, both constructive and organizational, which are different from today's. Floors of the hotel are: Po + P + 2 + Pk (+ 2 technical floors). The total BRG area of ​​the above-ground part is 2,420.57 m2 while the total BRGP of the underground-basement part is 345.87 m2.
Taking into account the mentioned circumstance, with the spirit of tradition and modern, professional approach and parental care, SAMBIC AD will move a new tourist and catering content into the existing facility and reach the four-star category for the purpose of adaptation, revitalization and renovation, with the intention of solving problems of ecological and tourist "black spots" of Danilovgrad, which altogether brings multiple benefits to the society. The mission and goal of the project of reviving the once recognizable brand of the city of Danilovgrad are contained in the above.
Danilovgrad will refresh its  face. The reflection of the smile of the renewal will refresh the faces of the citizens of Danilovgrad, and certainly continuously strengthen the spirit and body of everyone who passes through this town.
The city is there to welcome with open arms, to feed and give a drink, show its beauty in full splendor. The same beauty that adorned it forever, though neglected for years. The essence cannot be hidden. Zeta will be green again.
In the project task, there was a need to especially affirm the public facilities of the hotel - the part of the hotel that faces the city. In that sense, several elements have been designed. These are, first of all, a large entrance lobby with a reception, an interspace that can be of an exhibition character, a large restaurant hall which, depending on the organization, can have 120 or more seats, which with its potentials, height and airiness can have other roles and be presentation process and space of congress events. A particularly valuable circumstance is that in front of the restaurant there is a large terrace of several hundred square meters, which dominates its position.
In the basement of the hotel there will be a spa center, with the necessary elements of a fitness room, sauna and accompanying areas in order for the overall public content of the hotel to be further affirmed. From the first to the last floor there are rooms, 33 accommodation units, which, depending on the way of use, counts 72-76 beds. The total organization of the hotel is located on a gross area of ​​2,500 m2. The preliminary estimate of the investment is more than EUR 2 million, and the capacity of the jobs is around 25. Depending on the dynamics of business, it is to be expected that this number will grow.


”Tolosi residencies"

A location that is both urban and green. Dynamic and calm. On the slope of Tološka grove and not far from the city center. Practical and aesthetically rich, in one word - a unique design. Building for a new life, building for a good life. SAMBIC AD.

Floors: P + 4
Total BGP: 985.5
Total number of apartments: 11

The functional solution of the building is based on a symmetrical arrangement of two entrances (Entrance A and Entrance B), with a reinforced concrete core, elevators that meet the standards for OSI, as well as two-step stairs.
Within the building there are 11 apartments, distributed on 4 floors, by structure: 8 one-bedroom, 1 two-and-a-half bedroom that can be transformed into a three-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom duplexes.
On each staircase, 2 apartments are planned per floor, except in lamella B, where there is only the entrance to the duplex on the third floor.
All apartments have loggias or terraces on the west side, except for apartments located inside lamella B, which compensate for the lack of loggias with large, sliding, window areas.